Hi, I'm Sarah!

I’m German/American and fluent in both. I tend to write the same way that I speak, which causes¬†an abnormal amount of run on sentences – my apologies in advance. What can I say, I’m long winded. I love pizza and ice cream and basically all junk food. I love to laugh and dance and am super clumsy. My husband and I started dating when I was 18 and 10 years later had our little girl Sophie. She’s 2 now and definitely rules the roost!

A session with me...

2017 will celebrate 10 years of me getting my first real camera and since then I have been taking pictures of anyone who will let me. I have photographed weddings, newborns, engagements, maternity, boudoir, I even said yes to a local butcher shop in Germany and photographed meat (insert rolling on the floor laughing smiley here) BUT what I have learned throughout all of that is what I am really loving at this stage in my life is kids and families.
Obviously having my daughter Sophie is the cause for this newfound love. She has really shown me how quickly things change and how quickly their little personalities change.
During a session with me you can expect to have a lot of fun, I am not a super posey-posey photographer, I like to let y’all interact with each other. I like to let the kids be silly and get their wiggles out. And if I can get Dad to crack a real smile, then I know that I am winning at life. Sorry Dad’s but 99% of the time I know your wife is forcing you to do this and I will make it as painless as possible, promise!
All jokes aside, my goal is to make this a fun experience for everyone and for you to get beautiful, high-quality images of your kids or your family. I take pride in building relationships with my clients and I always end up feeling like I have gained some new friends!