Sophie Noelle: 11 Months


Weight & Length: 21ish pounds?

Hair: dirty blone-ish

Eyes: Blue

Clothes:  6-12 months

Diapers: Size 4

Sleeping: Naps are great, night time is a mix of sleeping through the night and waking up once

Likes: the dogs, her soft blankets, eating, pulling up on everything and walking along furniture. Baby Einstein, and still being outside

Dislikes: diaper changes, having her face wiped and changing clothes

Eating: Nothing that she really wont eat right now

Milestones: Says: Mama, Papa, Penny and Baby. Can give kisses, high fives and show how big she is :) She is also slowly starting to point at things.

Momma’s favorites: Obviously the kisses :)


Rosemary // Maternity Session

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This was one of those shoots where it felt like the stars aligned and everything fell into place, you know? The location was so perfect for the “vibe” we wanted and Rosemary just looked stunning. I am so excited to have been a part of capturing these memories for her and Ari and hope that she can see what I think everyone around her sees, which is a stunningly beautiful pregnant person! Also, I cannot wait to meet little baby Cora this winter :)

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Sophie Noelle:10 Months

10 months old

Weight & Length: more than last month ;-)

Hair: dirty blone-ish

Eyes: Blue

Clothes:  mix of 6 month and 9 month clothes

Diapers: Size 3

Sleeping: We are pretty much down to once a night but she is still up by 6-6:30.

Likes: Pulling up on things, bath time, chasing Penny, yogi drops and puffs as snacks, baby einstein puppets

Dislikes: Having her face wiped, diaper changes, and being told “no”

Eating:  I can tell the more active she gets the more actual food she is wanting to eat and still nursing as well

Milestones: Crawling, pulling up on everything she can get those chubby little hands on, she now has her 2 bottom teeth and starting to try and repeat words. I can only decipher Penny and Dada so far :)

Momma’s favorites: I have to say that the talking is pretty cool :) The fact that she pulls up on everything is amazing to watch but kind of scary as well!

Baby items we can’t live without: Not sure if I have talked about them before, but these bibs are amazing! They catch almost all the food, which is amazing and they wash off easily. Ikea high chair, Bath tub, UppaBaby stroller, her walker